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Farm Diversification

Modern farming businesses are facing unprecedented challenges, but also unprecedented opportunities. Diversification has become an essential element of farming businesses as they seek to expand their income streams, reduce risk, and increase their resilience. At SNR Farms, we understand the importance of diversification and can help you explore new opportunities that align with your business goals and values.

We can assist you in identifying and evaluating potential diversification enterprises, such as agritourism, renewable energy production, and value-added processing. Our team of experts can provide feasibility studies, market research, and financial analysis to help you make informed decisions about the best diversification options for your business. We can also help you with the implementation of diversification projects, including project management, marketing, and branding.

With our assistance, you can expand your farming business and take advantage of the many opportunities available in the industry. Our services are designed to help you stay ahead of the curve and thrive in today's dynamic farming environment.

Diversification can provide a range of benefits, for example:

- Additional income stream

- Employment opportunities for the next generation

- Increased business stability

- Optimising and capitalising on readily available markets

- Potential taxation advantages

There are a number of important elements which need to be considered from the very beginning of planning any scheme, including what sort of project would be the most suitable, what you really need to achieve to make it worthwhile, the practicalities of setting up a new businesss or whether to integrate with the farming business, need for formal agreements for renting land or premises even if from the farm, and who will be running and managing the enterprise.

We can help you to develop the potential opportunities for your farm and assist in a range of areas, following our unique 5 point plan, developed with The Business Barn:

1) Developing ideas. What business should I start? 

2) Feasibility. Can this business work? 

3) Business planning. How do I do it? 

4) Budgeting. Will it be profitable? 

5) Permissions. Can I get the relevant permissions? 

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